Gasoline engine oil, like all engine oils, comes in various types and viscosities to suit different engines and driving conditions. Here are the common types of gasoline engine oils in Malaysia :
  1. Mineral Engine Oil:
    • Mineral oil, also known as conventional oil, is derived from crude oil through a refining process.
    • It's the most basic type of engine oil and typically the least expensive.
    • Mineral oil provides adequate lubrication and protection for most engines under normal driving conditions.
    • However, it may not offer the same level of performance and longevity as synthetic oils, especially in extreme temperatures and high-stress conditions.
  2. Semi-Synthetic Engine Oil:
    • Semi-synthetic, or synthetic blend oil, is a mixture of mineral oil and synthetic base oils.
    • This blend aims to combine the benefits of both conventional and synthetic oils.
    • Semi-synthetic oils offer improved performance and protection compared to conventional oil but may not match the performance of full synthetic oil.
    • They are often more affordable than full synthetic oils while still providing better performance and longevity than conventional oils.
  3. Full Synthetic Engine Oil:
    • Full synthetic oil is made entirely from synthetic base oils and specially formulated additives.
    • Synthetic oils are engineered to provide superior lubrication, protection, and performance compared to conventional and semi-synthetic oils.
    • They offer better resistance to breakdown at high temperatures, improved flow in cold temperatures, and reduced friction for enhanced fuel efficiency.
    • Full synthetic oils also provide better protection against engine deposits, wear, and sludge buildup, resulting in longer engine life and extended oil change intervals.
    • While full synthetic oils tend to be more expensive than mineral or semi-synthetic oils, they offer the highest level of performance and protection, making them a preferred choice for high-performance engines, extreme driving conditions, and modern vehicles with advanced engine technologies.

When choosing between mineral, semi-synthetic, and full synthetic engine oils, consider factors such as your vehicle's manufacturer recommendations, driving conditions, climate, and budget. Opting for the appropriate type of engine oil can help maximize engine performance, fuel efficiency, and longevity while ensuring proper protection against wear and damage.

21 Mar 2024